Kandi Meets The Porn Loser

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The Porn Loser's first faux pas, as a French smutmaker would say, is to crop out Kandi's forehead in the beginning! What kind of retard crops out a girl's head? Kandi is 18 and from Los Angeles. How she stumbled into the Loser's den is unknown. She's adorable and delicious. Why, Kandi? Why? Why did you contact one of California's worst pornographers? Why are you going to let him stick his foul smelling penis in your mouth? She says she wants to be famous. Famous? By fucking a guy named The Porn Loser? Well, girls today. They do as they please. What can you do? Kandi works over The Loser's cock very nicely, and gives good eye-contact as she licks the shaft. We were very impressed by Kandi's loud 'Fuck yeahs' and cum-swallowing...beautiful. What a little fuck-toy. She gave 200%. As for The Loser, we'd like to recommend where he can place his camcorder. See more hotties jizzed on by visiting PornLoser.com.

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